Baby List - All for the baby

Are you expecting a baby? Congratulations. Ready for baby shopping? The first few months with the sweet baby could prove to be challenging. Better to play in advance and not leave anything for the last second. So, do not be unprepared, get help from your personal baby shopper: Baby List is the app for you. Because it is your buying guide AND spending organizer for your child. BABY LIST: YOUR GUIDE TO PURCHASINGA useful and practical guide always just a click away, with information, hints and tips that will help you to organize better to accommodate with the due honors the new arrival at home. You can count on a clear, organized, selected and fully customizable list, which collects for you all, and simply everything about the world of babies. Baby List will help you in choosing among the thousands and thousands of things that populate children mega stores. Baby List, in fact, allows you to catalog everything you need for your baby, letting you choose from 15 categories. Each one will offer you all of the most useful items. And you will find many images, descriptions, information and advices. For each object in the list, you can enter multiple products, noting down brand, model, website, store, price and notes to keep an eye on everything and to be able to easily compare the various objects, helping you in the final choice. A separate section is dedicated to the first months layette. BABY LIST: YOUR EXPENSE ORGANIZERBut that's not all, because Baby List is not only an informative guide, but is also a useful tool with whom you can write down and keep an eye on every item you need to buy for the child. For example, if you decided to open a Birth List, you can mark what to put in it and keep track of the gifts that you have received. Are you sure you already have everything? What do you still miss? Are you ready changing diapers? Do you have to pick up an item for whom you have given an account? Did you spot something into a store? Thanks to its summaries by topic and its icons, Baby List will keep everything under control for you. It will also note down your budget, keeping you up to date about the movements of your wallet. Your opinion is important to us. If you want, please write a review of Baby List on google play store. If you have suggestions or comments, write us an e-mail: kialby. software@gmail.com.
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