Large Feet - Friedman's Shoes 2017 catalog volume 38. This APP was built by Active Point and is destined to be used by Friedman's shoes (Large Feet) and their customers. Friedman's shoes is a 78 year old, family owned and operated, store specializing in large size shoes. The target market of the catalog is the consumers of shoes products industry. Each product SKU has been made into a clickable Hot Spot. Upon clicking on the product SKU a popup within the APP will appear that will contain additional information about the product that is not contained on the catalog PDF page such as additional description and price. Clicking on a product SKU will take customer to product page on the website for additional information. People who will be interested in this APP are those who want to search for and/or research specific large feet shoes products and reseller account representatives who will be able to access this catalog via their iPad/iPhone when they go on their sales calls instead of carrying a print catalog. This APP includes search functionality, the ability to go to requested pages.
Operating System Android