Shopify Admin app is an android application that brings your online shopify store admin into your mobile. It gives you almost all the information about your orders of your Shopify store. With Shopify Admin on your Android Phone there is no need to carry a laptop everywhere, you just need to have an API key and password from your Shopify store for one time setup and configure then you can just click on app and check your orders. You get regular order notifications on your mobile screen. Why do you need Shopify Admin Application? 1) Easily manage your shopify admin store orders management feature through your mobile using our app. 2) A very light and a very good User Interface. 3) No need to follow complex installtion steps. Just need API key, Password and Shopify store URL. Setup and configure app into your mobile within 5 minutes. 4) Auto Login Feature. Shopify Admin Application Features: 1) View listing of orders on the basis of its latest placed date and quick access of previous orders. 2) Search orders using order number, customer name and filter with their status. Search orders also by date range. 3) Notification feature is also there. You will get a notification whenever a new Order is placed in the Store. The time for notification interval can be set from the settings section. Notification Alert Profile mode (Silent/Sound/Vibrate+Sound/Mute). 4) Swipe refresh functionality is added for order listing. 5) Order detail page displays almost all information of an order like customer details, totals, ordered items, etc.You can edit order notes and tags. You can create fulfillment (shipment) from order detail page. You can also partially fulfill order items by selecting quantity in create fulfillment section. 6) You can contact customer by just clicking the phone number or email id in customer tab. Steps to get API in the Admin Side: 1. Click on Apps in main menu. Go to View private apps. 2. Click on Generate API Credentials. 3. Write Private app name and Select proper Permissions (1. Orders, transactions and fulfillments set to Read and Write and 2. Products, variants and collections set to Read access) then save it. 4. Now you can get API key and password from newly added Authentication Section in that page. Now, this API Key and password are to be entered in the Shopify Admin Application along with the Store URL (for e.g. for Authentication. If you face any problem or if you come through any issue while using this app, you can always contact us so that we will help you to fix it. For help, you can contact us on
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