Recipe and Shopping List

This is a grocery Shopping list and Food Recipe creation app with Todo list functions. Shopping List. = The shopping list module enables you to create a list for your shopping list items and associated costs. Know the total budgeted cost for your shopping list. You can save your shopping list for future use e.g. as weekly list, wine List, or special party list etc.You can add pictures to further illustrate the shopping list item You can speak to create your shopping list or use barcode if desired. Food Recipe. You can create food Recipe and add your ingredients to your shopping list. Save recipe ingredients on your shopping items as favourite or as recipe name. Speak to create your recipe ingredients and its preparations. Speak to create your recipe cooking instructions. Use pictures and video to support your recipe information. Enter each ingredient's cost to know recipe cost. Add extra number of people to your recipe. Know how much the extra people will cost. Get phone alert for next cooking steps. Support recipe with pictures and Videos. Share your recipes with friends using email or SMS. Backup or restore your data when required. Todo List. = Speak to create to do items.
Operating System Android