Magento 2 CyberSource Tokenization Payment

Magento 2 Cybersource Tokenization payment gateway by MageSales that allows users to save their credit card and billing information through unique Token IDs on secure servers. This is typically integrated with an ecommerce platform to facilitate secure transactions. It enables secure transactions by replacing sensitive payment data with a unique identifier that has no direct correlation to underlying credit card information. A customer's raw data (credit card number, billing address, etc.) is stored within Cybersource's PCI-Compliant datacenters. Only an associated Token ID is stored in Magento's database. This is a strongly encouraged best practice that reduces PCI DSS scope for merchants. The Token ID typically retains the last four digits of the payment card number to accurately match the token to the card owner, but generates the remaining numbers using proprietary algorithms. When a transaction occurs, Magento 2 passes the Token ID to Cybersource and the transfer of funds occurs so that no sensitive or raw data enters the Magento environment.
Price USD 99
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Webware
System Requirements None