Pocket Shopping

Simple-to-use shopping list application for Android. Never forget anything to buy again. Its use is simple: first pick or add the products you need to buy, then change to shopping mode when you are in the store, and finally mark the products that you put into the cart. Features: Add stores and categories. Assign products to several stores. Reorder categories by their location as you walk through the aisles. Set price and quantity in products. Manage multiple shopping lists. Search function. Products recurring (automatically pick producs when a specific number of days have elapsed after buying). Sync shopping lists with Dropbox (http://www.dropbox.com), so you can share your shopping lists with multiple devices or with your PC. Share shopping lists with another apps (Gmail, Bluetooth, etc. ). Catalog of preset products in English, Spanish, Frech, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Greek, Bulgarian. Languages: English, Spanish, Czech, Dutch.
Operating System Android