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Supr Daily is a daily subscription service for fresh milk, bread, eggs, coconut water, dosa batter and many more items delivered right at your doorstep every morning. Subscribe for your favorite products once and watch them magically appear at your doorstep every day before your morning alarm wakes you up. With Supr Daily, you will never skip breakfast again. How it works: 1. Install Supr Daily App and sign up with your complete address2. Choose from the many products to create custom subscriptions e. g. you can create a subscription for 1 Liter of Amul Taaza milk to be delivered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Or you could create a subscription for 1 kg of dosa batter to be delivered only on Sundays. Set your subscriptions to work according to your needs. 3. Once your subscriptions are created, items will start appearing at your doorstep in the morning between 5 am and 7: 30 am as per the schedule you just created. 4. "But what if I am not in town on a Sunday? Will the dosa batter still get delivered? " Of course not. Pause deliveries for that Sunday through the app and no items will get delivered on that day. 6. "I have guests coming home this Thursday. Can I order extra milk? And some curd as well? " We've got you covered here as well. Simply schedule for these items to be delivered on this Thursday and we will do the rest. Here are a few good reasons why you should say hello to Supr: Direct to home milk deliveryAs per recent government reports, upto 68% of milk in India is adulterated (including packet milk). Adding of water, detergent, and other chemicals to the milk using injections by the doodhwallas is fairly rampant. At Supr Daily, we have tied up with your favorite milk brands like Amul, to ensure direct to home delivery of milk, with no third party intervention, ensuring no possibility of adulteration during the delivery process. With Supr Daily, you don't need to worry whether the milk your children are drinking is adulterated or not. One stop shop Choose from toned, double toned, full cream, cow or buffalo milk from your favorite brands including Amul, Gokul, Mother Dairy and Mahanand. Complete your breakfast by adding bread, eggs, coconut water, dosa batter or choose from a wide variety of dairy and bakery products. Download the app to check out the complete product list. Flexible subscriptionsCustomize your deliveries as you like. Increase or decrease quantities as per need or stop deliveries all together when out for vacation. No need to stick ugly 'out of town' posters on your doors anymore. You can easily add products to be delivered just once or change your default subscription deliveries just for tomorrow. Simply update the quantities in the app or inform us on the previous day before 8. 30 pm. Itemized billing & payment optionsTrack your day to day consumption right on the app. No more mismatches on your monthly bill. Simply top up your Supr wallet by using your preferred online method (credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, wallets) or by scheduling a cash pick up. Use balance from your Supr Wallet to create subscriptions. As easy as that. Customer careIn case you have any more queries and you would like some Supr heroes to speak with, you can get in touch with our customer care at +91-9699000035. We are available every day from Morning 7 AM to Evening 8. 30 PM. Contact us: Hello: +91-9699000035Email: care@suprdaily.comWebsite:
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