Discover, Chat and Haggle with traders in traditional markets in your City. Pay Direct in-app. Receive goods at your door without compromising your security or privacy. This is a return to the way commerce has been held in African City Markets. One app for city based business discovery and transaction. Shop directly with businesses you know and trust. App Features#Shop Direct via ChatHaggle & buy from traders within your city market clusters neatly curated into chats in different product categories#Discover Inventory from City shopsDiscover latest inventory from City shops as they arrive in-store. Chat & make payment in-app. Enable delivery to door. #Order direct from a local Buka in Chat: You can make a direct order food from Bukas within your City in Chat. Make payment and receive your food order at your door. #Grab a local Taxi: Hail a local taxi via Chat at your convenience for long and short trips within and outside your City. #Reserve a room for short stayNeed a decent room in a nice Hotel in your city for a short 3-12 hour stay? Make a reservation in privacy without paying for a whole night's fee. #Movie TicketsGrab movie tickets securely from our partner cinemas in your city in chat. Get a discount when you reserve a ticket in chat#FlightsYou can grab last minute tickets reserved in chat on your way to the airport if your are leaving your city. #Celebrities & BrandsYou can watch exclusive videos from brands, get up to speed news about celebrities. ask brands and celebrities questions and buy merchandise of celebrities.
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