Ubringg Delivery

Ubringg is the platform that connects users who wish to receive products with people willing to take them away immediately. You can ask for food, home pharmacy products, express grocery shopping and even ice cream. The delivery time depends on your availability and schedule of the store where you are buying and the choosen BringerUbringg does not perceive any income, so that can only be responsible for correct operation of the technology that we offer to the society. Our desire is to facilitate the daily lives of people with regard to their local shopping while we empower people who need to raise their incomes to start their own local distribution activity without incurring any risk or investment. And all of this in the meanwhile we generate business for local shops, delivering their wonderful products to the final consumer. Download the app if you want to buy a product, to be delivered to your home/work or if you want to deliver products for others. The application is free it can be used by anyone who need product to be delivered. We encourage using green mediums of transportation that is why our bringer are persons that likes taking long walks or riding a bicycle and make money meanwhile delivering for you.
Operating System Android