Today, only about 1 million people in the post office within the distribution business is doing. In addition to domestic, Aras, almost 7-8 million daily active people have been taken into account, such as MNG cargo companies that move something somewhere so I can say is do courier work. Day outside the pedestrian or motor vehicle distribution with (COURIER) to do the job, using navigation on mobile devices will go to almost everyone who ROUTE service work. Statistically, the most widely used in Europe and in our country OFFLINE navigation program IRR, the ONLINE Google Maps navigation program. at least 10 up to 150 up to and delivery address someone who manually enter the address in the phone and navigation lasts between 2 hours and 20 minutes a day. Of course, this works both a waste of time and work in the field and also furnish a great importance for employers. We have come this way to provide convenience as it witnessed the plight anticipating daily and have made this program. you'll do with this application; in seconds, hours of work does it do on your behalf. What you need to do for this? Besides being an excel spreadsheet of addresses in the address of your destination in one column, two blank columns in the other Latitude Longitude writing and be more if you simply save the Excel version 2003 with higher version. When you open the application "NAVIGATION ADD TO ADDRESS" link, simply tap once at the top, select the file that you excel in your phone. Change we these files may no longer IRR internal memory on your geldi. telefonu ready to work within the iGo or SD card, respectively IGO / CONTENT / UserData / to throw into the ROUTE folder all addresses now whatever number ready to be ROUTE navigation formIt will be. Then you need to do in order IRR "MENU / ROUTE I / OTHER / ROUTE DOWNLOAD" he will be in front of all the addresses you have downloaded when you click. Once you go on if I click ROUTE / ROUTE EDIT / OTHER / ROUTE all the addresses you enter here because you will NOT MOVE AWAY been OPTIMIZE THE SPOTLIGHT. We have prepared an illustrated instruction manual on this subject can be downloaded from the link below. https://drive. usp=drivesdkDo business with our application does not stop here, if you want to excel in your hands after hundreds address converter can also open the route with GOOGLE MAPS and allow him to take you to your destination by voice. We've added a guide to download the steps related thereto. Pull the official address written on a piece of paper, open the camera of your phone in our next update closely likewise transfer the navigation within seconds you'll be able to easily sort and away from your business. I stare satisfied that need by using your other friends can suggest. Use good-bye.
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