Yalla Asouq is the first application in the Syrian market that displays the latest fashion Garments, Bags, Shoes, Perfumes for Men, Women and Kids, for the most famous brands located in the domestic market. Yalla Asouq displays a variety of products for various brands, and seeks to be a leading app to shop via the Internet in the Middle East. Yalla Asouq is free to download and through it you will be able to explore your favorite brand items. What makes Yalla Asouq unique? The many discounts offered by existing brands on it's newest collections for every season which can reach up to 50% off. These discounts are available by purchasing a monthly or yearly subscription. What can Yalla Asouq offer to you? 1. The ability to explore the latest fashion trends for Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Accessories and Perfumes at the tip of your hands. 2. Keeps you up-to-date with the newest fashion and most wonderful models. 3. Through the notifications you will be able to be the first to know about available offers, discounts and new models/items added. 3. The smart search functionality within the application will help you to quickly reach the desired item by using tags such as brand name, category name, favorite color or/and your size. 4. Identify the details of each item by viewing its pictures, checking available colors, sizes, and price also you will be able to view any offers available on it. 5. Like your items or even add them to a wishlist to receive notifications on any changes related to them such as (new available sizes, colors or even new price/offers). 6. Share any item picture with your friends. 7. The application supports multiple languages and currently it is available in both English and Arabic languages. You can always switch to your favorite language without changing the device's language. For any questions, suggestions or complaints you can always reach our our customer service team on: service@yallaasouq.com.
Operating System Android