Barcode Price List

Easy and simple to use Barcode Inventory app, that capture product with barcode, and storing them locally for a fast lookup (eg. price lookup). the application will allow you to search your product via scanning the bar itself, or you can also search with the handy search box. It allows you to make a new entry or modify or delete the existing product. you can manage your product fully isolated with this app. This is as simple and user friendly application which only have one single screen application. HOW TO: 1. Add product, a. simply click the + button to add new product, b. start by scanning barcode, when you dont have the product in the list, it will ask you like to add a new one2. Remove product, Swipe from right to left on the product itself, you will have the delete button appeared, click delete button3. Update product detail, tap on the the product to show you the detail, and the edit icon will be on the top right corner, click the edit icon to edit. Settings: Setting available to disable update on the app, to stop editting on the product list. Prefer front camera settingBarcode Inventory, barcode price list, barcode lookup, barcode product, product management, inventory management, price list, IONIC CORDOVA.
Operating System Android