Evercal Sales Tax Calculator

Evercal is a sales tax and discount calculator. Professional, banking-grade precision. Up to 3 tax rates (more when upgraded). Up to 3 discount rates (more when upgraded). Reversible: enter final price, get original price, discount, and tax amounts. Compound or individual discounts mode. Shows total tax (can be turned off). Toggle any rate on/off with a tap. Tally up a number of articles, then calculate total tax/discount on this sum. Cent fractions available. Fully tested in landscape and portrait orientations. No ads. Free (basic functionality) Canadian users: GST / PST / HST / QST sales tax rates automatically entered. Switch between provinces easilyAll amounts are computed with minimal user input; Evercal strives to be as clean and simple as possible. Common search terms: Sales tax calculator VAT calculator Discount calculator Sales calculator Percentage calculator US tax calculator Canada tax calculator Quebec tax calculator Sales tax calculator US Sales tax calculator Canada Sales tax calculator Quebec GST calculator QST calculator PST calculator HST calculator.
Operating System Android