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Did you know? Approximately 50-80% of sales are used to marketthe company's own products. "What would happen if we connected companies to their customers? "This question was the beginning of 0. 8L. There is no better marketing tool than the experience of using the products. After trying quality products, customers will always come back for more. We believe that if companies can use their time and moneyto focus on making qualityproducts, customers will be able to find great products at low costs. 0. 8L is where we aim to overcome location and languageto bridge the gap betweencompanies and customers. 0. 8L's Main Features. Letting you experience new products for free. Save your settings once to easily apply for each campaign. All you need are 100 followers on social media to get started. Reviews you can trust as each person has personally tried the product. Official Website & Social Media- Homepage: Facebook: Instagram: 8l_usa. Other Inquiries- Customer Service: +82 2-569-3332- To Report Bugs & Other Questions:
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