Erndo is a groundbreaking platform that allows you to shop at small businesses in your local area while earning awesome rewards for doing so. With every purchase you make using the Erndo app, you earn Dough (get it? ) equivalent to 10-25% in cash-value back, and you can then spend that Dough just like cash anywhere in the Erndo network. So how does it work? It's actually pretty simple. Download the Erndo app to your phone, then create an account to sign on and see businesses in your area that are part of the Erndo network. Find businesses that interest you --it may even be somewhere you've already been-- and pay using the Erndo app. Each time you make a purchase, you earn Dough, and you can even earn a few other awesome rewards, too. On your "Hot List", you have a list of 10 businesses (which change every month) that you can shop at in order to earn special rewards, including even more Dough. Making a purchase at a Hot List business increases your Rewards Tier (which can be either Bronze, Silver, or Gold) and also rewards you with a Token, which can be used to increase your Dough rewards rate by 5% for a single purchase. Purchases at Hot List businesses also result in more Dough earned than do regular purchases. For more detailed information, head on over to our FAQ (http://erndo.com/faq/) and learn about all of the exciting ways Erndo allows you get rewarded for supporting your local business community. Join the Erndo movement. Shop at businesses you love, discover new favorite places, and earn awesome rewards for doing so.
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