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Welcome to Drgrep - we love independent local brands & we have built it only for you. A fun, unique way to discover products within your neighborhood and you can even start building your very own brand right in the app. It's Social. Local. Simple. Free. With Drgrep for mobile, shopping on your phone has never been more fun. Find products from local talents in fashion, art, design, accessories, home decor, and much more. Select something from one of our collections, or go exploring on your own and find something completely new to share with friends (or to keep to yourself. ). Why to DOWNLOAD & USE DrgrepBe aware of the great things available in your neighborhood, city or state. Speed. You can quickly pick up items near you. No need to wait for products you've bought to be shipped to you. Private chat with sellers. Avoid having to wait for answers via email or phone. Entertainment: social shopping was never so fun. Shop and connect with people in your neighbourhood. Bring your business online and create your brand to attract customers in local community - its simple and freeMake transactions in a safe shopping environment. Know the location where the item was posted, and see full profiles for sellers or buyers. Chat privately with sellers and buyers without leaving the app to buy and sell items and negotiate their prices. Easy registration. You can register via Facebook or gmail - no more password remembering. We take care all of that. Bring your entire business on your smartphone -- sales, marketing, customer care, customer relationship and so much more. Why to SELL on DrgrepEverything is super simple. If you do not know technology -- then this is made for you. Post your items in less than 30 seconds. Just take a picture without even leaving the app and upload your items for sale. It's 100% free. No more percentage, commission or transaction fees for your listings. Maintain all your customers, followers under your finger tip. No more post on social medias and leaving your phone number there. USER PRIVACYWe don't share your information with ANYONE. Download the "Drgrep" app for free and start enjoying the experience of having your local market on your smartphone. Want to give us feedback about "Drgrep"? Need help? Feel free to contact us at hello@drgrep.com.
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