Z-Credit Integration

It is simple fact that as much convenience you will provide to your customers, sales graph will increase in the same manner. Apart from all other things for increasing customer experience why should not, it can be payment method. Now offer Z-Credit payment method to your fellow customers who are willing to pay with it, Payment method you are offering is also one of the trust factor to process the transaction from your website. Z-Credit payment method is widely used in Israel and very trusted payment methods for them, not only trusted but user convenient as well. Z-credit is a service assured credit card payment method that works in sync with Checks. Due to its reputation as a payment gateway with low bounce rate and secure transaction, it has gained quite good momentum in past years. As said it is very famous payment gateway in Israel and used worldwide. All the customers have to do is have a z-credit card and your transaction will be done within minutes. Lot of customers are often asking us about PCI compliance, we also know how much it is important for you to get the PCI compliance. We are not sure about your business is PCI-Compliant or not, but we make sure that our extension will not be an obstacle to make your business PCI-Compliant. Our extension don't log any confidential details like credit card details or passwords or any related stuff on the Magento website which can prevent you for being PCI-Compliant.
Price USD 99
License Purchase
Version 1.0.0
Operating System Webware
System Requirements None