Magento Mass Product Actions Extension

Magento Mass Product Actions Extension significantly reduces the time store admin have to spend on performing routine actions: relating products, assigning attribute set, categories, cross-sells, up-sells etc. Mass Product Action extension can be used as a mass product relater tool: you can quickly update the associated items for a set of products. Extension allows merchants to copy custom options from one product to any number of others. When it's necessary to add some custom option to a significant number of products, just edit one and then copy the custom options to all others. It allows you to mass update Attribute Set for a group of products, making it extremely easy to re-arrange the store catalog. With the Mass Product Actions module, all the mentioned actions can be applied to a big number of items in a few clicks. Just mark all necessary products, choose any available action and complete the operation. It's much faster than with standard Magento tools.
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