MagentoProduct Questions Extension

Customer usually ask same question again and again. Transform this frustrating task to your store's advantage with Product Question. Instead of answering questions again and again you can create you own products knowledge base. Product Questions will save countless hours spent on customer support answering same questions. Already answered products questions and answer will help to increase chance of converting your visitors to customers. A panorama with questions is a much better bet than an indifferent prospect. Questions are a sign that they not only have some interest in your product but also that they need an assurance that the product can fulfill their needs. Encourage your Magento website visitors to interact with you and find out more about your product. Visitors to your website can ask questions directly on the product page. The store administrator reviews the question and answers it. The question and answer appear together on the same page. This adds value to your Magento webstore, as the content is driven by customers, not just by you. Moreover, these Q&As (questions and answers) will keep the product page relatively fresh, serve as a magnet for search engine traffic and make it easier for other prospects to make a favourable decision about the product. Engaging your customers into conversation will increase your understanding of your customers concerns.
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