Webform is a complete secure html form handling software package. Webform encrypts client form information from the client's https website by using the public key of an smime SSL certificate. It then emails the encrypted information to a form handling email address. The system automatically monitors that email address and downloads and decrypts the form information as it arrives. Webform then displays the customer html form as wysiwyg so that the client many display, edit and/or print the form. The form then can be saved to an MSSQL or text database. FEATURES Captcha - The forms include Captcha codes so that spam bots cannot submit false forms to you. Security - All customer information is secured using 1024 bit SSL encryption. Database The database for your clients can either be a text type or MS SQL. Paypal - Fully supports PayPal buy now buttons and checkout buttons. Intelligent Form Routing - Any form can be configured to be delivered to a specific person, a specific branch and/or a specific department. Automatic Form Download - All forms are automatically downloaded locally to the system. Software Hooks - The system supports various software hooks so that a software developer can add additional functionality to any form. Round Robin - The system supports Round Robin on file ownership so that once the system assigns file ownership to a user, only they will be able to see and work on that file. Automatic Form Export - Form information can be customized to automatically export into your existing software. Wysiwyg Form Display - The software provide a browser screen to display a received internet form. You may edit any field and save it. Local Website - All secure internet forms and php scripts reside only on your website. Form Attachments - Forms allow any number of attachments. Local Customer Data - All customer information resides only on your internal computers. Reports - The system supports reports which you may customize to include any field, any sort order, grouping and filtering. Email Campaigns - The system supports email campaigns to your client base. This Includes opt-in, double opt-in and opt-out. Internal Form Fields - Additional fields can be added to your local internet forms that do not appear on the website forms. Mobile Users - The system can be configured to encrypt the entire submitted form as email notification to a mobile user. This way, the mobile user can quickly contact the client when out of the office.
Price USD 129
License Free to try
File Size 4.8 MB
Version 1.30
Operating System Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows, Windows NT, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP
System Requirements The user's website needs an SSL certificate and the user's computer needs an smime certificate.