iForm serves and processes HTML forms. It's basic functionality collects form data submitted by a web browser and then emails that data using formatting templates to various recipients, as well as saving it to a text log file which can be imported into a database. iForm provides the ability to limitlessly extend its basic functionality using AppleScript. You can use the AppleScript support to interact with other scriptable applications when a form is submitted, and you can also use it to provide logic and customization when composing form submission response pages and email messages. The sample iForm projects which are part of the software distribution demonstrate these extensions. iForm integrates well with our product Mailings. Use iForm to create mailing lists in Address Book as groups, then use those groups to distribute messages with Mailings. Feature highlights: iForm does not require a web server because it can serve it's own forms using the integrated web server. Processes form submissions with fully customized response pages, error replies, email messages and log entries. Emailer supports secure connections (SSL), multiple file attachments of any type and "plain text alternatives"using multi-part mime messages. Template mechanism featuring support for embedded AppleScripts enabling dynamic and multipart form submissions. Logs all activity to a log file and status window. Logs each form submission to its own customizable log file, say for import to a database.
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