Crazy 8 Offline - Single Player Card Game

Crazy 8 is the card game responsible for the origin of countless other shedding-type card games. Have you ever played or heard of Uno, Mau Mau or Switch? If you were not aware before, Crazy Eights is the reason why those games that we all love came to existence in the first place!Crazy 8 Offline is known and loved worldwide for it's easy to grasp rules and interesting gameplay, consisting of many exciting twists and turns, which could change the outcome of the game at any time.The Crazy 8 game gives you countless opportunities to showcase your innovative and adaptive way of thinking as a card player. In the Crazy 8s card game, it is all about outplaying your opponent. Mastering the Crazy 8 card game is not an easy task. For this reason, when you play Crazy 8 you must always think a few steps ahead. One perfectly played card could change the outcome of any Crazy 8 game.Authentic Crazy 8 type experiencePlay Crazy 8 without an internet connectionImmerse yourself in our Crazy 8 card gameEnjoy Crazy 8s HD graphicsOne of the most popular card gamesPlay Crazy 8 single player vs skilled AITest your skills against 3 opponentsSimple to remember Crazy 8 rules for all agesCrazy 8 RulesThe main objective of Crazy Eights is to be the first player who gets rid of all his cards. The players can discard their cards when they match either the suit or the number of the previously discarded card.The Crazy 8 card game begins with each player receiving 5 cards each. Then, a discard pile is started by turning up a single card. The discard pile is essential to the gameplay of our free Crazy 8 card game. Each player must play a card that legally corresponds to the values of the card on the discard pile, otherwise, they must draw a card from the stock.In Crazy 8 offline, to be declared the winner, a player must announce that he is about to play his last card with the statement Last card. If the player fails to make the statement, a penalty in the form of drawing cards is activated.The excitement of the Crazy 8s card game family is enhanced with its special cards:8 - Call out a new suitQueen - Next player skips a turnAce - Order of play is reversed2 - Next player draws 2 cardsPlay Crazy 8 offline today! Now that you know the fundamental rules, download our FREE Crazy Eights card game and practice as long as you wish! While there are many crazy eights games free, you can be sure that we provide the best experience out of any Crazy 8 game!
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.7
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android