Auction Bridge / IB

The card game auction bridge (Also known as International Bridge in Bangladesh), the third step in the evolution of the general game of bridge, was developed from straight bridge (i.e. bridge whist) in 1904. The precursor to contract bridge, its predecessors were whist and bridge whist.Auction bridge trick scoring, bonus scoring, and penalty scoring are radically different from contract bridge, and there is no concept of vulnerability in auction bridge.Bidding rules are nearly the same, although in contract bridge bidding many complex artificial bids and bidding systems have evolved.The bidding, play and laws are similar to contract bridge.The dealer opens the bidding and must declare to win at least the odd trick in a trump suit or at No-trumps; he cannot pass the bid. A bid is higher if it contracts for a higher number of points (ignoring doubles) rather than a higher number of tricks. As an example 3 Spades (27 points) beats 4 Clubs (24 points).Each trick exceeding six scores:Notrumps: 10 pointsSpades: 9 pointsHearts: 8 pointsDiamonds: 7 pointsClubs: 6 pointsGame is 30 pointsDownload play and give your important review to improve the game. Thanks.For getting more info and to contact with us for suggestion please visit our facebook page :
License Free
Version 1.0.4
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up