Poker Hand Odds Calculator

With this Free Poker Hand Odds Calculator, you can calculate the odds of your Texas Hold 'em Poker hands winning hands quickly and easily. The application can calculate hand odds for between 2 and 10 players With the new Folding feature, users can choose to fold any hand they like, effectively discarding their cards from the calculations.***Find out your probability of winning any hand in Poker!See how lucky you are with your hand or how lucky your opponents were in a past Poker hand!Community cards can also be inputted so all cards can be changed and all hands made. The calculator will create a hand for each player by combining the cards of their hand with those of the Community Cards.Hands odds can be evaluated pre-flop, before and after the turn.Very simple to use Poker hand calculator.Touch the cards to change them quickly and easily.Odds accurate to within 1%, so you can calculate very quickly!Very fast calculations due to a Monte Carlo method of calculating, odds will appear immediately through the new dynamic approach to showing hand oddsOdds are to 2 decimal places for that extra calculated accuracy.- Calculate the odds of your hand winning for up to 10 players- Odds will be calculated immediately after selecting cards- Odds for Texas Hold 'em Poker are calculated- Calculator has intuitive UI so you can win your hands more effectively!--If you have any questions about this Free Poker Hand Odds Calculator, or ways in which the calculator can be improved, feel free to e-mail and you'll be responded to extremely quickly.*COMING SOON*Option for odds calculations for Omaha Poker hands.Out cards to be shown where applicable for each hand.Paid version of the Odds Calculator with extra types of odds integrated such as Pot Odds and other equity calculations.Additional graphical features to the user interface to make hands and odds really stand out!
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