Yukon Solitaire [card game]

This is the Yukon Solitaire card game.It is a game similar to Klondike solitaire, but the degree of difficulty is high Klondike.This app anywhere to enjoy the Yukon Solitaire easily.If you play this Yukon, improvement of brain power overall would be expected.Please play by all means. rules of Yukon SolitaireThe bill and set the frame of four on the screen on, and then the bill set the playing cards under.It is clear if it is possible to arrange to K from A in the same suit playing cards all Suit Stacks.Number even if not listed in order, playing cards of the tableau pile is possible to move together the card.Card does not matter on even if not overlap a lot, if there is a destination that move, you can move together.The column that card has run out, you can put together playing cards with the top K.Scroll down the screen difficult to see if you made playing cards side by side in the bottom of the screen.The screen will move down.
Operating System Android