Pot Brown - UK Fruit Machine

========================Pad Version - Fully unrestricted - No AdvertsFully customisable Cost per play and Payout percentages========================This slot is a real life characteristics UK club fruit machine simulationStake 25p, 50p ot 1 per playWith a 250 jackpot and adjustable payout percentage from 80% to 100%With CASHPOTPlay this slot to win the Snooker Championship.Match the fruit and symbols on the reels, by spinning, nudging, shuffling and holding the reels to get the best combinations possible.Line up 3 or 4 Pot Brown symbols on the reels to access the Feature Board and Super Feature Boards respectivelyLine up the fruit to collect yourself a cash reward.Hi-Lo Gamble===========When playing the reels all cash rewards can be gambled Higher or Lower on the roll of a dice.All wins have the potential to be gambled Higher and Lower up to the jackpot, but don't guess incorrectly or you'll lose everything.Keep your eyes peeled for the option to Exchange your cash win for entry into the feature board or even the Super Feature Board.Feature Board=============Roll the dice to move around the Feature board, collecting winnings as you go. But don't get too greedy as you don't want to get knocked out of the competition.Progress through the stages of the competition as you go, 2nd Round, Quarter Final, Semi Final and then onto the final where you will be granted access to the Super Feature Board.Avoid hazards when moving around the feature boardReferees Decision: Where you can make a nice few quid, but equally you could lose it all.Mis-Cue: Happens to us all, but how bad it is going to end up?As you move around the board consider swapping your winnings thus far for for one of the many Pocket Money features on offer.....Pocket Money feature 1: Push Your LuckTake the loot on offer, or gamble all or nothing for more. How far dare you go?Pocket Money feature 2: Shot ClockGrab whatever winnings you can, before time runs outPocket Money feature 3: Outa PositionCollect best nudge & reel combinationPocket Money feature 4: CAsh Shoot OutShoot targets to collect as much loot as possiblePocket Money feature 5: Golden BallsCollect the truck with the largest loot haul insidePocket Money feature 6: Break CalculatorCollect the best loot and multiplier combination shown-------------------------------------------Super Feature Board===========Roll the dice to move around the Super Feature board table, with enhanced winnings values, and the opportunity to rack up a Big Break. But don't get too greedy as you don't want to be left with snookers needed.When you hit a pocket on the table you get to add to your existing Big Break. You can then cash in your Big Break for it face value in pounds. You then have a decision to make? Whether to accept the deal on offer or refuse the deal and try for more? Take it or Leave It?Accept the deal on the offer by selecting Take It to trade your Break for its face value.Decline the deal on offer by selecting Leave It to carry on, hoping score and even bigger break.How far dare you go? If left with snookers needed you lose your Big Break and leave the championship with a proportion of your winnings to date.Playing Advice============Go crazy you will never be asked for any money thus you cannot lose anything its 100% free to play
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