Eleven Extreme Neo Free Arcade Solitaire

Do you like soliaires? If we turn it into a fast, crazy and devilish race against the clock while you try to add eleven? The rules are very simple: add eleven with the cards you want, you can draw and keep adding, but be careful! Do it before time runs out. You have three game modes:1- Classic Mode: tranquility is your thing? This is your game mode, time is not a problem, it only adds eleven and tries to pass stages. Simple? Are you sure?2- Fun Mode: the authentic game mode of Eleven Extreme. Add eleven, that you know how to do, and overcome the stages, but this time the time runs and it is your enemy, fail and the time will be reduced being more and more difficult turning into a mad race against the clock, your agility in adding eleven against that devilish watch. But you have help, you have extras, you can increase your scores with the combos, you link eleven without failing and the combo will grow in a brutal way, and if you finish the stage without having made any mistakes ... your precious PERFECT!3- Extreme Mode: only for those who love hard game. A single stage, very little time, a lot of pressure, crazy crazy version of Fun, not suitable for nervous. Can you finish it? Can you be the world champion?- Three game modes.- Save the best scores.- Achieve achievements and medals.- Destroy scores with disproportionate combos.- Prefects.- Beat your friends and prove it with your online scores. If you have problems when starting the game or finishing a stage: disconnect the internet from the device.
License Free
Version 1.2
Operating System Android