Limited Edition Application: Only 250,000 copies will be sold!Learn to play poker like a pro. Track game play statistics for fun or verification of online gaming "fair-play" claims.Note: If you are playing your poker game on an android device, you will require a second android device to run this app AND play your game. If you are using a computer, or are playing a real poker game, you only need one android device to run this app.Things you can track on the table:G: The number of games played.P: The number of players at the table.A: The statistical average expected (100 / Players)F: The average number of hands lost between all player wins.Things you can track for the players:(g) Games. The number of games a player has played.(w) Wins. The number of games a player has won.(%) Winning. The percentage of hands won out of the games the player has played.(sk) Streak. The number of games won or lost consecutively.(f) Frequency. The average number of hands between wins.(sp) Splits. The number of split-pots won.How to use: See the Help tab within the app for usage details.Testing ClaimThis app has been tested using a popular online poker app (see website for details). The tester claims that the app has boosted winnings by 250%. Individual results may vary, pending user's comprehension of the statistics, as well as skill-level of opponents during real game-play. (Due to limitations of the Play Store, the 250,000 copy limit may or may not be exact; however the product will be discontinued for download when this number is exceeded. This product is designed to run on most android tablets and phones for many years to come. Download your copy TODAY!)Please submit your feature requests to get them placed in the development track, BEFORE the scheduled: END-OF-PRODUCT-LIFE.Thank you for your purchase.
Operating System Android