Solitaire Buddies Card Game

Solitaire Buddies is a fun new way to play the classic game of solitaire!Compete against other card masters in tournaments to earn bragging rights and other amazing prizes! Earn special card backs to personalize your game play. Earn a high enough card streak to unlock a more bonuses and earn even more prizes to help you reach the top of the daily leader boards.How do I play?At the start of a round, several cards will be dealt on to the play area. The objective of the game is to remove all cards from the play area.On the bottom of the screen there is a stack of face-down cards, this is your draw pile. To the right is a face-up card, this is your face-up pile.You can clear any card in the play area by tapping on it if it is one-higher or one-lower than the card visible on the face-up pile AND if there are no other cards in the play area on-top of it. Suit and color do not matter. Aces can be played on kings, and vice-versa.Once a card is cleared from the play area, it is placed at the top of the face-up pile.If you cannot clear any cards in the play area, you can tap on the draw pile to card a new card on your face-up pile and possibly allow clearing a card.If you run out of cards on the face-down pile before you clear all the cards in the play area, you lose. If you can clear all cards from the play area before you run out of cards in the draw pile, you win.Does suit or color matter?No. You can play a card of any color or suit if it is one above or one below the face-up card at the bottom of the screen.What are points and how does scoring work?The points you earn when you play are added to your daily tournament score; these are important because it determines your tier (and prizes) for the day.Each time you play a card, you are awarded points, the number of points a card is worth depends on your player level AND the length of streak you are on. To maximize the number of points in a game, it is recommended you use the point doubler power-up and make the longest streaks you can.What happens when I win?Lots of good stuff! When you win, you score from the game is added to the daily tournament score, you will open your saddle back and you will progress to the next level in the daily tournament.If you have stampede mode, you will also get a lump-sum payout.What happens if I lose?Not all is lost, you will still get your saddle back, if you found it and any stampede rewards. But you will only get half you score added to your daily tournament score and you will need to repeat the current level until you win.What is a streak?A streak is the number of cards you cleared from the play area without drawing from the draw pile. Wild Cards and Pocket Cards will continue a streak AND extend it by 1. For example, if you play 3 cards, then a Pocket Card, then 3 more cards, you will have a streak of 7. If you then draw a card from the draw pile, the streak will end at 7.What are the prizes for a streak?If you get a sufficiently long enough streak (by filling up the bar in the top right) you will get to pick a bonus power up. You can choose from three more cards added to your draw-pile, a club card or a wild card added to the top of the face-up pile.You do not need to pick your prize right away, you can wait until the most suitable time. Prizes stack, so if you complete two streaks without selecting a prize, you can then choose two prizes in a row.You can do this up to three times per game but can only choose each prize type once per game.What is a stampede mode streak?If you can create a very long streak, by double filling the streak bar, you will trigger Stampede Mode. Stampede Mode will add bonus payouts and prizes to almost every card in the play area including cards in future rounds AND give you a special lump sum payout for you are able to clear all rounds.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.3.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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