Jokers Wild Dice

Best replacement for lost dice! Just SHAKE your device to roll the dice. Jokers Wild Dice is a free, fun, easy dice game or dice simulator. Choose from either Craps (2 dice), Cee-Lo (3 dice), or Yahtzee (5 dice) game modes. Each game mode automatically records the most recent roll history. Jokers Wild Dice also recognizes aJokers Wild Diceinations for both Craps and Cee-Lo game modes! In Yahtzee mode you can 'Tap' on any of the dice to hold them from rolling, just 'Tap' on the dice again to allow it to roll again. Jokers Wild Dice can be a dice game, dice roller, dice simulator, or dice replacement for board games! Also a safe alternative to going to a real life casino or online gambling site. Jokers Wild Dice does not support, encourage, nor promote gambling in any way. Have fun and enjoy!
Operating System Android