[Hero advance, super cool experience]Cultivate hero, challenge copy without pressure. Get hero fragments through elite copy. Complete hero advance to become stronger.[Everlasting pleasure of joining the Pirates]Pirates, a good place to make fellow in SailingWarrior. Player can worship master player with higher level to obtain physical value, while the worshiped player can get gold as reward.[Collect cards, become stronger]Collect kinds of hero fragments in elite copy, which can compose hero when it reaches a certain number. Every hero has his own special skills.[Challenge arena and get welfare]Every time you win in arena, you will get diamonds as reward, sent by mail. Bring your buddies quickly and challenge the pirate's world with your skillful operation![The great route has been opened]Every time you win, you can open a big treasure box to get special money, which can exchange rich reward in supply station of great route. The fallen heroes will not revive. The more heroes, the more gains. Come to beat all pirates!
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