BJ Bridge Standard American Beginner

This duplicate bridge game is designed to practise bidding and play. following the "Standard American Yellow Card" bidding system with strong 1NT and 5-card majors. Additional Bidding Conventions are kept simple, so as to be more intuitive for the beginner.As well as offering unlimited random deals, BriJ includes practice hands from various sources. All totally free!At every stage the game offers hints and advice on bidding and playing the hand. There are automatic links to explain unfamiliar bridge terms, so you should never be left wondering what to do!When you have played a hand you will see a duplicate score showing competitive results from other players. BriJ will keep a running average so you can assess your progress. When you load a club session your result is compared to that from real players' results.Connect up with other players. Practice bidding and playing as a partnership. Play anywhere without Internet access![You can also download deals and results from your local bridge club. Use option "Load"; then "Web search to find deals"; find your your club site; go to your results page; touch the "Hands" tab, then touch "Download as Pbn"].The "Pro" version of this app is for more experienced players wanting to select from some of the more advanced conventions offered. It includes a 2/1 bidding option.
Operating System Android