Pandora's Solitaire Collection

Crisp and clear design, beautiful animations, optimized code and classic touch on card games.Feel the difference and play one of the best solitaire collection in the world.A really great approach to classical card games with a big and beautiful cards. Enjoy the essence of the classic solitaire, card games have never been as glorious as now.Basic solitaire games with a beautiful isometric 3D appearance and brilliant animations!Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for the challenge?SINGLE PLAYER CARD & PUZZLE GAMESPlay awesome card and puzzle games in the same game pack. Play strategic Maria, Giant, Wasp and Diplomat or enjoy Russian, Yukon, Spiderette, Penguin and Scorpion with classics Klondike, Spider, Freecell and Tripeaks card games.Packet is full of luxury and it's decked out beautifully. Try fancy new free games, Color Sudoku, Original Sudoku, Tasty Words, Plumber Link, Star Puzzle and other amazing puzzle games.CLASSICAL CARD GAMESKlondikeKlondike Solitaire is timeless and classic solitaire game. Easy and simple and the most played card game in the world.SpiderSpider Solitaire played with two decks of 52 cards each. Play this single suit or challenge yourself with four suits!FreecellFreeCell Solitaire was one of the most popular card games in Windows for a PC. This is a real strategy game with four free cells and the game is super challenging.Aces & KingAces & Kings Solitaire is solved by placing cards from ace to king and king on ace. Suits does not matter.Aunt MaryAunt Mary Solitaire is easy Klondike style game, but it's even easier. Great game for a beginners.Baker's GameBaker's Game is relaxing card game. One suit is great for beginners and 4 suit version is perfect for a professional players.Double KlondikeDouble Klondike Solitaire is a variation of the classic Klondike, but this is even more fun because it is easier to solve.Forty ThievesForty Thieves Solitaire is royal and most cheerful card game, game uses two full decks and it's has three difficulty levels.SIMPLE PATIENCE GAMESSimplest Golf, Tripeaks, Pyramid and Black Hole Solitaire are great for a beginners. Collect all cards on correct order and try to clear all cards from the table.CHALLENGING CARD GAMESEasthavenEasthaven Solitaire it's really hard strategy based game, every moves is important.BrigadeBrigade Solitaire is fantastic card game, where you have to think about card transfers accurately.Buffalo BillBuffalo Bill Solitaire is very playable and easy to enjoy. One of the my favorite patience game.AcmeAcme Solitaire is hard but simple to play. Open table builds down in suit, and the Foundations build up in suit. Only one redeal allowed in this game.CanfieldCanfield Solitaire is real pro player game. It's simply to play, but really hard to solve.BONUS PUZZLE & WORD GAMESMarble SolitaireMarble Solitaire is also known Peg Solitaire and it's old retro puzzle game, where you have to solve marbles on the board.Color Sudoku & SudokuIncredible and fun Color Sudoku with bright colors and beautifully animated color blocks. You can also challenge yourself on original sudoku game which is implemented with numbers.Tasty WordsUnscramble and search words, connect letter together and try to find right word. Match the alphabet to find hidden English words. Enjoyable word search game with letters.Plumber LinkFun pipe linking puzzle, fix and connect mixed pipes together.Star PuzzlePlace the stars in the right place.Pandora's Solitaire Collection - Hearts & Spades Patience. Simply the best card game 2017 and 2018!LIKE US on Facebook
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