Bullion Bars Arena UK Community Slot

Welcome to my look and feel recreation of the classic UK slot machine Bullion BarsThroughout time there are very few things that have managed to entertain the masses in more than 2 decades. Well, here we have a perfect specimen of such achievement. With the original Bullion Bars slots being released in the late 1990's it's amazing to think that to this day these slots are still gracing our arcades up and down the country. These days with new skins but essentially with the exact same winning formula they started with.Here is my look and feel interpretation of these slots. Now I know what you are thinking... these machines do weird nudges, does your slot simulate these. The simple answer is YES. As you play this game you will learn of these combinations and be able to head out into the world armed with a little more knowledge about the way this strangest of nudge features works.This 6 reel slot, with 3 stake and jackpot combinations...20p Play - 5 Jackpot20p Play - 10 Jackpot30p Play - 25 JackpotWith authentic Magic Nudge Setups, and Bullions Bars Streak.Default real world 80% Payout(Can be changed if you can find Golden Payout % Mode)But wait... why is this called the Community version, what is so special about the Community version of this slot?This community version slot allows you to pit your wits against other players. With you all vying to play the same instances of the same slot. Looking to be the one that takes home the money today. You can gauge your progress on the global leader board which shows you how your wins are going compared to everyone else.Also we regularly run free to enter tournaments from which you can win real prizes, in association with Retro Arcade Machine. If you wish to know anything about this or otherwise get in touch use the more options item on the main menu.Slot Features¦3 Bottom Reels¦Holds (With 3 Holds and In)¦Nudges (With Magic Nudge Setups)¦Winning Spins After Using Nudges¦Authentic Win Symbols and Sounds¦Random start for 3 Reels BIG MONEY Top Box
Operating System Android