The Wild Werewolf Slot Machine

The Wild Werewolf Slot Machine takes you on a thrilling hunt through the enchanted woods. Werewolves are skilled hunters who can take down the biggest prey. Experience a truly fun game with SPECTACULAR ODDS that pays out HUMUNGOUS SUMS! Game Features >Pick up to 5 bet lines on the Classic 3 Reels Slot Machine to get OTHERWORLDLY Payouts!>Enjoy the spooky HD Graphics & great HD Sound while you Auto Spin the hours away!>Beautiful Bonus Coins magically appear every 4 fun-filled hours!>The slick 3D slot machine handle makes you feel like you're sitting in your favorite Vegas casino!>Werewolf Level Up System gets you huge amounts of Free Coins, Extra Lines, & Higher Max Bets!>Wicked Wild Symbols replace any Symbol & can lead to SPINETINGLING Wins!Myth and legend become one in this Slot Machine. Werewolves are humans who can shapeshift into wolves during the full moon. In this Free Slots, there's no need to wait until the moon is full. There are werewolves ready to help you win sensational riches in this Slot Game every day. The mythological creatures of the night have a burning desire to see you win huge caches of gold treasure in the enchanted woods of the Free Casino. Werewolves have an instinctive need to hunt down anything that moves in the Slot Machine. They relentlessly chase down tasty jackpots in the Free Slots. The delicious scent of cash drives the werewolves wild in the Slot Game. It's impossible to hold a wild werewolf back when he wants to hunt luscious payouts from the Slot Machine. A werewolf's appetite is insatiable. Werewolves will do anything to catch delectable jackpots in the Free Slots. Their size and strength make them perfectly suited for the task. Not even silver bullets can stop these wild werewolves as they prowl through the Slot Game. Their sprinting speed makes these bloodthirsty beasts able to outrun any jackpots that attempt to flee. Werewolves' heightened sense of smell means that they can track down any treasures hidden in the Slot Machine. Start winning legendary jackpots every day when you play The Wild Werewolf Slot Machine.
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