Wishbone of Slots

Wishbone of Slots takes you to the wildest and spookiest party on the block to win GLOWING TREASURES. Dance the night away with witches, skeletons, spiders, and bats. Enter the haunted house and get FANTASTICAL PAYOUTS as you dance the night away! Game Features >Enchanted Bonus Coins materialize every 4 hours & magical Wild Symbols replace any Symbol!>The bewitching slot machine handle & Auto Spin makes you feel like you're at your favorite casino!>Pick up to 5 bet lines on the Classic 3 Reels Slot Machine with supernatural HD Graphics & HD Sound!>Mystical Bonus icons trigger the fabulous Wheel of Fortune to get you SURREAL Payouts!>Legendary Multiplied Wild Symbols replace any symbol & multiply the winning sum x2!>The wishbone Level Up System gets you Free Coins, Extra Lines, & Higher Max Bets for GIANT Wins!It's a dark and stormy night inside the Slots. A bright-eyed bat flies in through an open window and drops off an invitation. You're invited to a fabulous Halloween party in the Free Slots. The mysterious invitation says that there'll be lots of thrilling jackpots to be won at the party in the Free Casino. You jump into a witch costume and head off to the spooky party in the Slots. When you get there, the party's already in full swing in the Free Slots. Witches' cauldrons bubble with delicious punch and finger-shaped hors d'oeuvres are set out on tables. The decorations in the Free Casino are awe-inspiring. Skulls shine with flickering candlelight and real spiders hang from giant webs in the corners of the rooms in the Slots. Black bats and lucky dice hang from every ceiling in the Free Slots. Skeletons dance with such enthusiasm that their bones are flung off the dance floor. A skeleton's wishbone lands in your hand. It's a lucky sign. You spin the enchanted reels of the Slots and wish for a monumental win. Eerie, green light pulses out of the Free Slots. With a blinding blast, spellbinding jackpots erupt out of the Slots. You'll have the time of your life at this haunted get-together. Download today and start winning supernatural jackpots in Wishbone of Slots.
Operating System Android


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