Vampiric Touch of Slots

Vampiric Touch of Slots has the cutest vampires in all of Transylvania. Download this game as soon as possible if you want to start winning DELECTABLE PAYOUTS with the help of adorable vampires and loveable vampire bats. TASTY WINS are just a spin away! Game Features >2 different Multiplied Wild Symbols replace any symbol & multiply the winning sum x3!>Pick up to 5 lucky bet lines on the Classic 3 Reels Slot Machine to win EXHILARATING Payouts!>Supernatural Bonus Coins poof in every 4 hours & Bonus icons trigger the thrilling Wheel of Fortune!>Pretend that you're at your favorite casino when you use the amazing 3D slot machine handle!>Auto Spin to MEMORABLE Wins while you marvel at the sweet HD Graphics & delightful HD Sound!>The vampire Level Up System gets you coffins full of Free Coins, Extra Lines, & Higher Max Bets!Vampires are sometimes called the undead. Although their hearts no longer beat, the vampires in this Slots don't look like corpses. The vampires in this Free Slots are adorable. Vampires don't only come out at night. Legend suggests that vampires sleep in coffins during the day to avoid sunlight. Vampires are immortal so they don't need sleep in the Free Casino. Cute vampires roam the Slots all day and night as they look for fresh jackpots to sink their fangs into. The beautiful vampires in this Free Slots are much stronger than humans. They use their super strength to heave gigantic glittering jackpots out of the Free Casino. A full moon shines down on the creatures of the night in the Slots. The moonlight is enchanted with ancient magic. Moonbeams spread unearthly good luck through the Free Slots. Hypnosis is a vampire's favorite supernatural ability. Vampires hypnotize the magical reels of the Free Casino with tremendous good luck. Exciting jackpots pour out of the Slots on command. The vampires in the Free Slots shapeshift into fuzzy vampire bats. The cute vampire bats fly through the Free Casino as they search for thrilling payouts. In this Slots, Count Dracula is the king of all vampires. Join Count Dracula and his vampire clan to win bloodthirsty jackpots in Vampiric Touch of Slots.
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