Casino Slots: Phoenix Reborn

Casino Slots: Phoenix Reborn features legendary birds who can regenerate COLOSSAL JACKPOTS out of thin air. You'll get addicted to flying alongside these majestic creatures as they swoop down and capture BLAZING PAYOUTS. Download today and soar high with flaming phoenixes! Game Features >Admire the fiery HD Graphics & great HD Sound while you Auto Spin to SCORCHING Payouts!>Select up to 5 lucky bet lines on the Classic 3 Reels Slot Machine to get ENORMOUS Wins!>The phoenix Level Up System gets you flocks of Free Coins, Extra Lines, & Higher Max Bets!>Beautiful Bonus Coins fly by every 4 hours & wonderful Wild Symbols replace any Symbol!>The exceptional 3D slot machine handle lets you imagine that you're at your favorite Vegas casino!>Fantastic Multiplied Wild Symbols replace any symbol & multiply the winning sum x3, x4 or x5!In Greek mythology, a phoenix is a long-lived bird that resembles an eagle. It has the magical ability to regenerate itself and be reborn. In this Casino Slots, majestic phoenixes are symbols of the rebirth of monumental jackpots of cash. These noble birds are on the lookout for glittering treasures of gold in the Free Casino Slots. Phoenixes are all the colors of a blazing fire. Rich red and gold plumage ignites into real flames when blistering jackpots are won in the Free Casino. Phoenixes are symbols of winners since they can rise above all challenges and be reborn. Good luck flows eternally through the Casino Slots. Golden jackpots are replenished into the Free Casino Slots through the magic of the phoenix. These mystical birds are associated with the sun. When huge jackpots are won in the Free Casino, the phoenixes burst into flames. From their ashes comes their resurrection. Phoenixes rise from their own ashes and regenerate even better than before. New jackpots of cash are reborn out of the ashes of old jackpots. With wings of fire, the phoenixes fly through the Casino Slots to spread great odds wherever they go. The supernatural reels of the Casino Slots begin to smoke as they churn out endless amounts of glowing jackpots. Winning enormous fortunes of gold is an addicting pastime in Casino Slots: Phoenix Reborn.
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