Leo Bridge App for Android

Leo Bridge App is a new addition in the world of Online Bridge, leveraging the transparency and identity restrictions of Facebook. You can play live online bridge with your Facebook friends, or meet new ones that also play Leonardo. Here is a quick overview of the App:You can navigate through the entire game by using (1) the horizontal Tabs, (2) the left side Menu, and (3) when playing in a table, the right side Table menu.1. HORIZONTAL TABS- TABLESWhen entering the app, the first thing you see is the TABLES tab, which shows tables currently open. Tables with the green SIT HERE button(s) have one or more empty seats, simply click on the button to sit and play.You can kibitz any of the tables by clicking the orange KIBITZ button.Fixed pair or Individual play game tablesPlayers may choose to play with a specific partner or on a table where they are measured against everyone, as players rotate after each board. This game mode is unique to Leonardo Bridge and unavailable to all other established Online Bridge Games. It emulates in the closest possible way a bridge night at a friend's house.- PLAYERS ON LINEBy selecting this tab, you can see who is currently online.- WALLETHere you can have an overview of your bridge coins and/or subscriptions. In case you don't have enough coins you can tap the "Go to our Shop" option, to buy extra coins.Play for FreeEvery 24 hours you get 80 bridge coins in order to be able to play for free 4 games of 4 boards, ie a total of 16 boards. 2. LEFT MENU- PLAY NOW Tap this button to start playing! If a seat is open in an existing table you will be taken there - if not a new table will be created for you.- NEW TABLE The 'New table' button, allows you to start a brand new table and wait for players to join, or invite online players to play.- PROFILE Allows you to add some text, describing the system you are playing, select your skill level and log out from the app, if you want to. By scrolling down you can also see, all the achievements that you gather while playing.- RANKING This option takes you to Leonardo's ranking pages. There you can view master points awarded to all players and filter them by day, month, year or country. MasterpointsMasterpoints are calculated per board in the following way: BOARD'S MASTER POINTS = (Board's total points + 120) x 0,001. The masterpoints gathered by each player are presented in the Rankings area and can be displayed by Year, by Month, by Day or by Country.3. IN TABLE RIGHT MENU- TABLESYou can always view all playing tables currently on Leonardo.- CLAIMYou can claim or concede tricks by using this option.- RESULTSYou can view the results of the match.- LEAVING SOONIn case you need to leave before the next board starts, it is strongly recommended to use this option as a courtesy to other players. If you leave the table before the completion of the match (4 boards), you will be charged the 20 coins.Replacement players are not charged any coins if they join the table to finish up an already started match.- PLEASE WAITIn case you need some extra time in order to decide your next move, it is recommended to notify the rest of the players by using this button.If the table you are in has a time limit, this option will add 30" to your turn time once.- REMOVE PLAYERIf a player is unresponsive, you can click this button to request a vote to remove the player from the match.- EXIT TABLEYou can exit the table at any time by using this button. However, please note that leaving in the middle of a board or match incurs a master point penalty. Download the App and enjoy Leo Bridge!
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