PlayOcean Everywhere

PlayOcean Everywhere features a variety of fun and exciting games that can be played on or off a Carnival Corporation cruise ship. Use Clams to play exciting original titles like Queen's Sea Poker, Tipsy Tentacles Slots, Roulette on Deck, and Bingo on Deck!QUEEN'S SEA POKER is an easy-to-pick-up, immersive, and engaging game that invites you to challenge the legendary Pirate Queen and other online players in a totally new and fast paced style of Poker.TIPSY TENTACLES SLOTS ups the fun and excitement factor of traditional slot machines as Tipsy, the "greatest" mixologist under the sea, continuously mixes the perfect drinks while you spin to win. This five reel, multi-denomination slot is anything but ordinary - give Tipsy a spin!ROULETTE ON DECK is a continuous live event in which you can place virtual bets on a virtual roulette wheel. Players from all over the world can participate in the same live spin and invite their friends to play along. When the wheel spins, all players are treated to an exciting reveal as they watch their bets play out in real time.BINGO ON DECK invites you to participate in multiple live bingo games with other players all over the world and offers the chance to win big!TRIVIA ON DECK features 10 new themed quizzes per day. Players can compare their scores with others around the world on the leaderboards!KENO ON DECK is a fast-paced number guessing game with an exciting quick pick feature!Minimum Specs:OS: Android 5.0 or higherPhones: Samsung Galaxy s5/Nexus 5s or higherTablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab2/Nexus 7 or higherThanks for playing our games! We are always happy to read your questions, comments, and feedback. playoceansupport@carnival.com
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