Classic card games like Solitaire are more fun on a mobile app. Like traditional desktop solitaire, Solitaire. is free and has all the favorite card game features. Choose Klondike (also known as Patience) solitaire rules with 1 or 3 card draw. Card play is shown on the popular green background. Strategy can be easy and relaxing with unlimited redos, or challenging with Vegas scoring. Tired of Pyramid or Spider Solitaire? We have the most popular free Solitaire game (known as Klondike) in an easy-to-play app. Relax with hours of free card game play anywhere and everywhere. Download the app today and start playing the addictive solitaire game you know and love. If you like classic Klondike solitaire cards, you are going to love free. Solitaire. Traditional Klondike solitaire game play: Standard solitaire card game scoring. Vegas solitaire scoring. Draw 1 card (easy mode). Draw 3 cards (hard mode). Unlimited undosEasy-to-use card game play interface: Play cards by Drag & Drop or Tap method. Card faces are crisp and easy-to-readFun card game features: Improve your strategy by tracking in-game statistics to see how you measure up. Compare card strategies and share the game with friends. Autocomplete availableNo time limit. Play solitaire anytime. No lives or energy. Play for minutes or hoursNo Wifi? No problem. You can play. Solitaire. on or offline at any time. Solitaire. is a new classic from Big Fish. To discover more from Big Fish, hear about new games and promotions, sign up for our newsletter: http://bigfi. sh/iSplashNewsletterFollow us on Facebook or Twitter. issues? Please visit http://bigfi. sh/ENHelp.
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