Call Break

Call Break multiplayer is a Classic call game and widely popular card game. Call Break is very popular offline card game in Nepal and most parts of India and asian countries. Call Break is a trick-based card game similar to Spades cards games. In Call Break the term "hand" is used for trick, and "Call" is also used for bid. In Call Break, there will be five rounds of play or five deals in a game. First dealer will be chosen randomly and after that, the turn to deal rotates clockwise from first dealer. Dealer will deal all 52 cards to four players i.e. 13 each. After the completion of each deal, player left to dealer will make a Call - which is a number of hands he/she thinks will probably going to capture, and call moves again in clockwise to next player until all 4 players finished calling. How to Play: You will have the first go at it and make the most of it. The first can throw any card from their deck. The suit thrown by this player will be the led suit and each player after you must throw any card of same suit. If they don't have this suit at all then you can throw other card. The highest card of the led suit will capture the bid (call), but if the led suit was broken by spade (s), then in that case highest ranked card of spade will capture the bid. The winner of a round can throw cards to begin next round. There will be 13 rounds and after that next deal will begin. Key Features top-rated Card game: 1. Simple UI and attractive design2. Smooth animations3. Counter-clockwise turn rotation like in real game play4. Extreme User Friendly for card tricksDownload Call Break for your phone today and have endless hours of fun. Please don't forget to Rate and Review CallBreak multiplayer with AI integrated. Enjoy playing cards with us. Thank you.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None