Classic Solitaire Card

Classic Solitaire Card is another classic solitaire card games included with Windows, and is now available on Android devices. Classic Solitaire card games has two modes Arcade and Classic that require patience, skill and strategy to pass a level or win a classic game. Like Klondike solitaire card game, you have to move cards in ascending order from the Tableau to the Foundation cells by suit. Most levels or classic games can be solved, if you can find the right strategy. Try your best to get 3 stars at Arcade mode. Rules. The goal of Classic Solitaire Card Game is to create a stack of cards from low to high in each of the four foundation piles in the upper-right corner. Each pile can contain only one suit. Kings are the high cards, and aces are the low cards. The four foundation piles must begin with aces and end with kings. You can move cards from one column to another. Cards in columns must be placed in descending order and must alternate between red and black. Eg: For example, you can put a red 6 on a black 7. In the upper-left corner are four free cells, where you can store any single card during the play. Once you move a card to the foundation, you can't take it back, undo may help you but will reduce your change to get 3 stars, so be sure you won't need that card before moving it to the foundation piles. Moving a sequential stack of cards is the same as moving the cards individually to free spaces and then back to the board. So, you can only move a sequential stack of cards if you have enough free spaces. How to play. Tap to auto move cards. Drag and Drop cards to move to foundation. Features. two modes: Solitaire Classic and Arcade with over 500 challenging levels. Smart Hint, Fast Undo will help you a hand. Beautiful graphics and clean UI. Run well on most Android phones and tablets. Support multiple screensIf you like Windows Solitaire then you must try this app. Classic Solitaire Classic for FREE. We love to hear from you. Take a moment to rate and comment it.
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