King of Bingo - Video Bingo

King of Bingo is a casino in the palm of your hand: This game is totally free and does not involve any type of bet on money. Enjoy the best Bingo Video games that the BINGO KING has brought for free, and have fun with games like: Nineballs. Silver Balls. Turbo 90's. Hot Bingo 9 (HB9). Pharao's. Show Ball 3. Pachinko 3And much more. Unlocking new games you will get progress in the King of Bingo, play daily and spin the luck roulette to earn more credits, in our scoring system the more you play the more points you do. Game Features: 4 Card Games. Diverse lines of rewards and dynamic games. Bonus every 2 hours. Progressive Daily Bonus. Maximum bet of 10 to 20 per card. Various card games for your enjoymentTest your luck in this free video bingo simulator, and prize great prizes. There are several prizes such as DOUBLE LINE, LINE, CHESS, MW, BINGO, ACCUMULATED and MUCH MOREExperiment our games of Bingo, Slot and Poker, you will have much fun. We are constantly evolving and soon we will have more news for you, so any questions or improvements please contact us by email. Keep up the news on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/R7-Developers/1589453101278736Good Fun and Good Bingo for You.
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