Nine Balls Video Bingo

How to Play Bingo Nine Balls: Choose from 1 to 4 Bingo TicketsChoose your bet from 1 to 10. Choose your lucky numbers. Bingo draw 90 balls. Extras are 9 balls and 3 possible prizes in each pack and sometimes a free extra ball. According to its possibilities, you increase your chances to win the prizes offeredThe Jackpot will be paid to complete all Cartela until the 30th ball with the four open Bingo Tickets, from bet 3 (three) Test your luck in this video free bingo simulator, and Granye great prizes. There are several prizes such as DOUBLE LINE, LINE, BINGO and JACKPOT. We are constantly evolving and will soon have more news for you, so any questions or improvement please get in touch by email. Follow the news on our Facebook page: fun and good for you Bingo.
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