Fishing Warrior Online 3D

Fishing Warrior online: Ocean Monster Plus Arcade Machine also features several fun and exciting mini-games, some of which star the crab characters, which appear at random throughout the game and include both multiplayer and single player games. Mini-games include. rill Crab when caught fires multiple drills around the playfield, giving players more chances to catch fish. After a while the drill explodes affecting and/or catching even more fish within range. Super Bomb is activated by catching a Super Bomb Crab will trigger the chained bomb attack in a wide explosion, affecting all fish on the playfield at the time, making them much easier to catch. Roulette Crab is a random single person game which is activated by catching the right crab character. Players spin the roulette wheel and win points based on where the players stops the wheel. Vortex Fish is activated by catching one of the following fish will trigger the Vortex effect and suck all the other fish of its kind on the playfield into a whirl pool: Flying Fish, Lionfish, Lantern Fish-Fire Storm is a one player game awarded at random, in which the player will receive a flamethrower that causes extreme damage to fish and multiplies their values. The weapon is available for a limited time only, though players can also obtain additional time and multiply their score during the game.
Operating System Android