Crystal Crazy Quilt Solitaire

An interesting & unusual 2-deck solitaire game - try to pull the 'threads' from the 'quilt' and sort the cards into their suits. It's a simple premise, but this game requires a skillful blend of strategy and memory to complete on the expert setting. Challenge your friends to beat your highscores, or just keep them to yourself and use the extensive statistics to keep track of your best games of Crazy Quilt Solitaire. With clear and simple casino style graphics, customisable cards, a full tutorial for absolute beginners we hope you will agree that this is the best version of this popular card game to be found. 3 Difficulty levels to suit beginners to experts- Full tutorial to introduce you to the game gently- Regular or reversed card layouts for left or right handed play. Customise the look of your cards, even how scruffy the dealing is. Extensive statistics to track your improving skills- Simple & intuitive user interface, designed for young and old- Share your scores with your friends with Google Play Games leaderboards- Can you earn all the achievements? The Crystal Solitaire series of games have been some of the top online solitaire games on many sites, so we have redesigned them for a whole new generation of devices so you can carry on playing your favourite solitaire game wherever you may be.
Operating System Android