Solitaire Arena

6 Million people play this game on Facebook and mobile. We've taken the classic game of Klondike solitaire and made it even more engaging by adding: 8 people tournaments all day - real time one vs. one gaming. =Yes, you actually play Solitaire against someone else, in real time: same game, same shuffle. You can also see your opponent's top foundations, to get an idea of how much you are in front. The rules of the game are the same Klondike rules that you already know. The experience is suited for your mobile phone: easy to see cards and ease of use for the game. You just tap on a card and it goes, almost magically, where it should go. You can still drag and drop, if you want that, but the touch&go experience will be so much better (also allowing you to play faster). =You can also use all the powerups you got used to: Hint, Undo. We also offer you two more: Magnet (AutoEnd) and Magic. Magic allows you to get unstuck. No more games of Solitaire that you get stuck in, you just use one magic and that illusive hidden card is available to play. And this happens without changing anything in the mechanic of the game. Connect with Facebook, if you want, to see the avatars of your opponents. We do not send any message to your Facebook friends, don't worry. You can still play the game without Facebook connection, don't worry. =Here is a full list of things Solitaire Arena offers: Free tournaments all day- One vs. one multiplayer- Social experience- Big signs on cards- Tap a card to send it to its place- Drag and drop cards- Hint shows available moves in a visible way- Unlimited undos and hints- Auto finish a game once you solved it- Google Play Game Services and Facebook connection- Global, national and friends leaderboards.
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System Android
System Requirements None