3D Slots RPG [HD Slot Machine]

Experience the full-fledged, realistic, slot game app. Get Big Bonuses to start the story, told through 3D movies. Dark powers have corrupted the world. The dark dragon controls everything: the earth is in flames, the seas have dried up, and the skies are covered in darkness. Destruction approaches moment by moment, but the people must not stop praying. For prayers bring light to the world, and in them lies the only miracle that can save the future. [How to play]Play through 6 stages as you progress through the game, and aim for Big Bonuses to unlock movies. Menu-[Spin]Bet your coins and start the slots. The higher the line number, the more lines you have to get matches. [Auto Spin]Spin the slots automatically. [Weapon]You can buy legendary swords such as Excalibur or Hrotti. These are special swords that, when equipped, will activate an additional line for one spin. [Item]The Hourglass of RevivalIf you fail a Big Bonus Challenge, you can use this go back in time and try again. Magical Payout StoneWhen you win, you get double the coins. Magical Experience StoneWhen you win, you get double the experience points. Time Bonus-For every hour you play, you can click the time bonus in the upper-left to get bonus coins. Mini Game-Item SearchTap to get items. High & LowIs it higher or lower than the number shown? -Big Bonus Movie-When you win a Big Bonus, a story movie will begin. If you make the right choices in the movie, you can get a huge amount of coins. A full-fledged slots game that combines the thrill of casino slots with an RPG worldview. Play now and see everything it has to offer. Play basically is free. However, you have to charged a fee if you enjoy special scenario.
Operating System Android