Spider Solitaire

Take a break from everyday routine with the exciting ''Spider Solitaire''. This game will stir up the entire gamut of pleasant emotions. Enjoy the beautiful animations that we have prepared specially for you. Use the automatic saving feature of the game - now you can always return and continue the game, even if you had to exit the application. If you cannot decide on your next moves, we will help you. Click on the Tips button to see the next available move. If you have just made a move and suddenly regret it, you always can cancel it by pressing the Move Cancel button. The ''Clever Mode'' function can help you play even on the screen of a small phone. Do not forget to review the detailed statistics about your games. Separately for each complexity level of the game. Earn coins that you get from a lucky placement of patience. In exchange for them, purchase extra backgrounds, shirt maps and exclusive map sets. Make the game look the way you want. Get started playing the ''Spider Solitaire'', the game which conquered the hearts of millions, right now - JOIN US.
Operating System Android